Where Fashion meets Culture | African Fashion Week Chicago 2018 | AFWCHICAGO
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Wanda Grace by Laurie Underwood

Samples of Collection

Q. Where do you get your inspiration?

A. “I am inspired by fabrics and their color. I can’t get into design mode without my fabrics in front of me. Just visioning what those fabrics could be, gets me inspired and excited to create great pieces for my customers.”

Q. How would you define your collection?

A. “My line is defined by a woman who desires to stand out, while fitting in at the same time. I am able to implement my own personal style into this collection. I admire the color and fabrics used, which inspired me to create the looks for the collection”

Q. What is African fashion to you?

A. “The inspiration behind the garment makes the design African - whether it’s the fabric, the print, or the style. If the inspiration is derived from Africa, then design is African. I think African Fashion has adapted to today’s fashion trends in a way that has allowed other cultures to experience the style and culture.”