Where Fashion meets Culture | African Fashion Week Chicago 2018 | AFWCHICAGO
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Maryam Garba Brand by Maryam Garba

Samples of Collection

Q. Where do you get your inspiration?

A. A. “The women I design for inspire me through their stories. This is why I always name my pieces after the specific woman who inspired the pieces. One of the things I love to do the most is to talk with professional women about what their needs are for work clothes.”

Q. How would you define your collection?

A. “The Maryam Garba woman is a professional woman. She is either at the top of her career or she is on her way there. She is not only intelligent but she is also elegant and very well dressed. She is usually the best-dressed woman in her office and she gets compliments about how put together she is almost every day.”

Q. What is African fashion to you?

A. “African fashion has started to forge its own identity that is related to but still different from what is happening elsewhere. For example, you can have an international trend e.g. the use of lace, but in Africa, people would combine this lace with the local fabrics to make it suitable for the local market. I would say a design is ‘African’ when its inspiration or the designer come from Africa or a place that is connected to Africa.