Where Fashion meets Culture | African Fashion Week Chicago 2018 | AFWCHICAGO
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Akese Stylelines by Jennifer Akese Burney

Samples of Collection

Q. Where do you get your inspiration?

A. “I get my inspiration from so many sources. I come from a very lively country -- Ghana and a really warm and colorful continent Africa, so I definitely get my vibrant bold inspirations from there. I love textures, surfaces, bold silhouettes and I definitely love creating statement pieces. So in a nutshell, my inspiration comes from my home country, upbringing, everyday life and my current surroundings.”

Q. How would you define your collection?

A. “My design aesthetic is for the bold, confident, sophisticated woman who is daring and still classy. I love to create unique pieces for women to make the feel pampered and outstanding.”

Q. What is African fashion to you?

A. “What makes a design African would be the fabrics, colors, print, the silhouettes, the style line, the music and the theme for the collection. African fashion has changed positively, over the years. African fashion used to be about simple, old-fashioned silhouettes like the slit and Kaba from Ghana, the Booboos, and Caftans etc. But recently, big fashion brands and celebrities like Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, etc. are now wearing and using African prints, which has helped to really promote African fashion. They are shining light on the African continent and educating people that Africa is not all about the hunger and deprivation that are seen on the news. We have beautiful works, beautiful fabrics, beautiful people, rich culture and above all hospitable people.”