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Anzhelika Crochet by Patricia Ghonda-Zola

Anzhelika Crochet

Q. What makes your design “African”, and how do you think African fashion has changed over the years?

A. “Well, I’m African so that’s one reason. I also think that Anzhelika Crochet’s signature style of combining fun prints and Ankara prints with handmade crochet showcase my African influence and brings a new twist to children’ wear. The Ankara prints and fashion are more acceptable in fashion now, even in Hollywood. I think that is great for Africa as a continent. It also gives African designers a chance to be considered among fashion designers of the world.”

Q. When did you first start designing?

A. “I grew up in a family of designers and I have been designing since I was a kid, as early as 11 years old. I used to create my own designs for my dolls. I used to design sporadically in my early twenties but once I realized I was happier when I was designing, I knew then that it was my calling.”

Q. What inspires you to create and what type of person would wear your designs?

A. “I am inspired by everything, everywhere! I get inspiration from the kids that have modeled for me, cartoons, nature - I don’t really have one specific thing. My designs are for any child who is not afraid of being himself/herself. Whether he or she is dressing for a play date, school, birthday party, wedding or any other occasion.”

Q. What is the most important lesson you've learned since you've been designing clothes?

A. “The road to success is not easy, but as long as I have God on my side, I’ll be just fine.”