Where Fashion meets Culture | African Fashion Week Chicago 2018 | AFWCHICAGO
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cocushubi Collection by Catherine Shubi Bwenge

cocushubi Collection

Q. What inspires you to create?

A. “I'm inspired when I see how people create their fashion based on their creativity (my creativity). It's nice to know people can take your culture and embrace it no matter where they are.”

Q. What makes your design “African”, and how do you think African fashion has changed over the years?

A. “The African prints are what makes my designs African. You can tell something is unique about my designs. African fashion has grown, and is more visible as people have become more open to culture, especially in fashion.”

Q. Where are you from and how do you do what you do?

A. “I am from Tanzania (East Africa) and I LOVE African prints. I was good at using those fabrics, so I decided that would be my niche when selling in America. I shop around for good fabrics with interesting prints and I sew them on to my created designs. My fabrics come from Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and Cameroon. I make everything myself. My attention to detail and creativity sets me apart. Because I am passionate about what I do, I put in a lot of time thinking, planning, creating and then executing my designs. Right now, my focus is on African print t-shirts for men and women, and I am sure I will go far with this line. The purpose of my African prints usage is to express different styles that are out there for everyone!”

Q. What is the most important lesson you've learned since you've been designing clothes?

A. “The most important lesson has been to ensure my creativity is relatable. Understanding what is accepted while also incorporating my desires in the designs.”